Utilize Mercury's Retrograde Energy

Reflect and reenergize your attitude on life during this period.


Working With The Energy Surrounding This Mercury Retrograde – THE BLACK  QUEER TAROT

It's that time once more! Mercury is in retrograde, that terrible time when everything that may go wrong does and the unexplainable or unexpected seems to happen! Travel delays or disruptions, computer and technology errors, uncertainty, miscommunication, a feeling of instability, wasted time, lost items, or even simply a general impression of being fogged in and unable to think properly. Our natural inclination may be to hide out and withdraw when everything seems to be turning upside down until the storm passes. But let's face it: regardless of how the planets align, life continues on. While delaying major life-altering decisions is generally a good idea, this period of time can also provide an opportunity to slow down and be mindful. Take extra precautions, make deliberate decisions, and adopt a more intentional view on life to make the most of this time and create your own respite.

What is Mercury Retrograde, then? Simply put, it is a three-week period when Mercury laps the Earth and appears to move backwards across the sky. It makes logical that since Mercury regulates the mind, intelligence, communication, mental clarity, and common sense, these abilities would be more vulnerable at this time. A small error might have unforeseen effects, the most well-intentioned word can be misunderstood or misinterpreted, or the simplest work can become unnecessarily complicated. Things that ordinarily would be easy sailing seem to be leading us straight into rough waters.

Always be vigilant and well-prepared.

The good news is that this time doesn't have to be a complete disaster! Try to foresee probable problems and be ready for them. Simple tactics like the following can act as safety nets throughout this tumultuous period: Give yourself more time, be deliberate and explicit in your communication, be deliberate and clear in your planning, be flexible and try to go with the flow, practise forgiveness, and postpone major purchases or important decisions. Practice the verbs that start with "re-" at this time: reflect, revise, reevaluate, realign, and, if required, recommit or recalculate. You will ultimately emerge from it invigorated!

Kit for Mercury Retrograde

Utilize these effective techniques every day for the next three weeks.

During this period, the Mercury Retrograde Kit can keep you intentional, clear-headed, adaptable, and focused. Take advantage of the chance to reevaluate your goals and draw on your inner power. The set contains:

Utilize the calming and soothing energies of amazonite to get through stressful or anxious situations. So that you can remain adaptable and go with the flow, let your positive energy flow.

Lapis Lazuli - Trust your instincts when making judgments and tap into your inner wisdom for genuine and honest communication.

Protect yourself against the detrimental effects of electro-magnetic frequencies (EMFs) from technological equipment by wearing shungite. Cleanse and detoxify your body, mind, and spirit.

Use hematite, a potent grounding stone, to remove unhealthy energy from the body and bring it back into equilibrium.

Horehound Herbs: This herb aids in mental focus and clarity and is connected to the planet Mercury.

Cleanse, charge, and increase the potency of your crystals with a selenite charging plate.

Your Technique

Put your candle in an upright position in a tiny fireproof bowl that has rice or sand in it. To start your ceremony, light your candle.
With your tumbling stones on top, set your Selenite plate in front of your candle. For 1 to 5 minutes, leave your stones in place to charge and cleanse.
Gather the stones, then put them in the canvas bag. Your bag of stones should be covered with a small amount of Horehound herbs. Drawstrings are pulled closed.
Say your intention or affirmation aloud while holding your bag in both hands to programme and activate it.
To keep your mind fresh, stay grounded, and be flexible throughout the day, keep your bag with you in your pocket or purse.
Take your stones out of your backpack at night and set them on your Selenite plate to purify and rejuvenate for the following day.
Every day throughout the Mercury Retrograde period, repeat steps 1-6.
If you are ready and make the most of this three-week time, Mercury Retrograde need not be a catastrophe. Spend more time and attention on your regular activities, and most importantly, don't lose your faith. Even though it only happens a few times a year, keep in mind that it will pass.

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