Frequently Found Quartz Crystal Formations

What is quartz?

One of the most prevalent minerals on Earth, quartz is a wonderful crystal. Quartz is a Silicate, which is an alloy of the elements silicon and oxygen, according to science. Quartz comes in a wide range of varieties, including Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, and Smokey Quartz, and the presence of impurities affects their colour:

Pure quartz is colourless or white.

When manganese and iron are present, amethyst develops.

Citrine is coloured by a lot of iron.

When manganese and titanium are present, rose quartz is created.

Smokey Quartz is coloured by exposure to natural light.

Various Quartz formation types

Quartz may take on a variety of patterns and shapes in addition to its many diverse colour variations. Today, we'll demonstrate some of our favourite quartz crystal formations and describe how crystal healing can be accomplished with them.

Quartz Phantom

Frequently Found Quartz Crystal Formations

Phantom quartz is a variety of quartz that has the outline of another crystal in a weak, ghostly fashion. When the original crystal stops growing and a different mineral's dust falls on it, phantoms are created (such as Chlorite). The dust from the second material remains inside the original crystal as it begins to develop once more, giving the phantom its ghostly aspect.

The intuitive capacity to hear noises, voices, or messages is called clairaudience, which is enhanced by this crystal formation. It improves meditation, wakes our capacity for healing, and facilitates our ability to access the Akashic Records in order to obtain past life healing. Phantom Quartz is supposed to physically rid the body of pollutants.

Quartz Manifestation

Frequently Found Quartz Crystal Formations

Rare Clear Quartz crystal called Manifestation Quartz contains another crystal entirely inside of it. They are said to provide visions of how to make the things we want a reality.

In "Love is in the Earth," Melody says, "One technique that has shown to be very successful when using the manifestation crystal is as follows:

Clear your mind, begin circular breathing, and relax while using the crystal to aid with your meditation.

Focus on the third eye, base chakra, navel chakra, or the region two inches below the navel;

Visualize and consciously create a clear mental image of what you want; and

Feel the feelings that come with the visualisation become reality."



Frequently Found Quartz Crystal Formations

Enhydros are crystals that include one or more flowing water bubbles inside! The water inside the bubble is undisturbed and has likely been untouchable for a very long time (millions of years). If you can't notice the Enhydro right away, look inside the bubble for a small, moving black spec.

Because the water inside these crystals has never been in contact with humans, it is said to help you purify and balance your emotions. These crystals can be used for profound emotional healing.

In her book "Love is in the Earth," Melody stated that "This mineral can be used to assist in "putting oneself in another's shoes" and recognising and comprehending the real feelings of that individual. It increases spiritual openness and helps the empathetic condition even more."

Keeping Records

Frequently Found Quartz Crystal Formations

Record Keepers have raised, triangular-shaped "doors" that are naturally present on their surface. The majority of record keepers will just have one or two little triangles and will be standing erect. Sunken Record Keepers are triangles that have a deeper pocket-like shape rather than a raised one. Record Keepers can also be found on rubies and sapphires, however they are most frequently seen on quartz crystals.

It is believed that the information stored in these crystals was programmed by the Atlanteans. They also have a potent link to the data kept in the Akashic Records. Record Keepers are considered to be very private crystals that can aid in past-life healing as well as help reactivate dormant psychic and intuitive abilities.

Quartz Faden

Frequently Found Quartz Crystal Formations

The crystal known as Faden Quartz has fractured throughout its growth process and then recovered. Through the interior region, a discernible line that resembles a thread is created by this procedure. Given that it is stated that these crystals are simple to programme, care should be taken to ensure that they are thoroughly cleansed of any prior intentions.

Faden Quartz promotes self-healing, restores damaged auras, and unblocks chakras that are obstructed. In astral travel, it also keeps you secure.

The Crystal Bible 2, according to Judy Hall, "Faden Quartz psychologically offers you the fortitude to continue if you are suffering through severe interior trauma. Faden Quartz teaches how to have both emotional independence and intimacy with another person, as well as how to mend relationships that have been damaged by a lack of trust."

Quartz Was Hit by Lightning

Frequently Found Quartz Crystal Formations

Extremely uncommon crystals called Lightning Struck Quartz, commonly referred to as Flash Stones, are found in Brazil's Serra de Espinaco Mountains. You can notice a zig-zag pattern on these Quartz crystals, which were actually struck by lightning that passed through the ground!

Lightning Struck Quartz crystals have a high frequency and can be used for manifestation and transformation since they relate to all the chakras. Use these crystals to physically or energetically purge negative or stagnant energy from a person, an animal, or a space. They are also rumoured to be able to expel ghosts and other undesirable spirits from houses.

Heavenly quartz

Frequently Found Quartz Crystal Formations

Elestial crystals feature a "skeletal structure" on the surface that is primarily made up of triangular geometric patterns. These crystals with strong vibrations can be found in various Quartz species. Elestial crystals are also known as Jacare Quartz, Alligator Quartz, and Skeletal Quartz.

Elestial crystals, which are thought to be transformational crystals, are extremely potent for meditation. They can direct us along our soul's path and reveal knowledge about past lives. They also exhort us to let rid of our emotional burdens.

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