Australian crystals used in crystal healing

Australia produces a wide variety of crystals, and each one has a certain energy that is specific to our lovely nation. This, in my opinion, makes them really unique. Let's investigate the therapeutic benefits of the stones in this area!

qualities of Australian crystals for healing
Australian Crystals for Abalone Shells Healing

It's said that abalone shells can help you find compassion and calm in your life. They help you stay calm and are also beneficial for stressed nerves.

Australian Crystals and Agate for Healing
Agate is a crystal that balances and roots you on all levels—emotionally, physically, and mentally. It is a calming crystal that promotes calmness. Agate will support you in overcoming anger and promoting the growth of love in its place. Agate crystals will make you feel secure and safe if you have experienced any emotional trauma.

Australian Crystals and Amethyst Healing
Natural stress reliever amethyst calms the mind and dispels any negative energy. Additionally, amethyst crystals can promote sound sleep and shield against nightmares (great for kid's rooms!). The "sobriety stone" is said to aid in the treatment of addictions, obsessive behaviour, and alcoholism.

Australian Crystals for Azurite Suns Healing

The Malbunka Copper Mine in the Northern Territory's Gardiner Range, close to Areyonga, is where azurite suns are found. The only site in the world where you can locate these special Azurite Suns is at the Malbunka Copper Mine. You will be able to view things differently with the aid of azurite, also referred to as the Stone of Heaven. This gem can assist you in overcoming inferiority complexes and the constant need to satisfy others. You can remove tension, anxiety, and worries by expressing your emotions with the aid of azurite.

Australian Crystals for Black Tourmaline Healing

Black tourmaline diffuses stress and tension while providing protection from harmful energy. It is a strong, shielding gemstone that works wonders in clearing your mind of unfavourable thoughts, self-criticism, and wrath. Additionally, it has a grounding function. To disperse electromagnetic energy, black tourmaline is a great choice to place close to electronics like laptops and phones.

Australian Crystals and Boulder Opal Healing
Opals are thought to enhance feelings of self-worth, enthusiasm, and spontaneity and can be calming to the emotions. Lightning Ridge in New South Wales is the location of Black Opals, Coober Pedy in South Australia is the location of White Opals in large quantities, and Brisbane is the location of Boulder Opals.

Australian Crystals and Bronzite Healing

Another grounding crystal that is associated to the Base Chakra is bronzite. According to legend, this gem can assist in overcoming doubt in oneself and indecision. Additionally, bronzite stones can assist you in maintaining composure when you feel powerless. According to Judy Hall in The Crystal Bible 2, "Spiritually, this is the excellent stone if you have trouble calming yourself since it brings utter tranquillity."

Australian Crystals for Calcite Healing

When you need to relax, calm your thoughts, and get rid of stress from your life, calcite is the stone to reach for. Calcite can also purge a space of unfavourable vibes.

Australian Crystals for Chrysoprase Healing
A great crystal for optimism and compassion is chrysoprase. This gem also promotes thinking positively about other people. Chrysoprase is a gemstone for the heart and because it corresponds to the heart Chakra, it can be utilised to draw love. Chrysoprase crystals are supposedly excellent for balancing hormones, improving fertility, treating the digestive system, and sleeping well on a physical level.

Australian Crystals for Citrine Healing
Citrine invites success, joy, plenty, and fortune. Citrine can help you achieve your goals. If you struggle to express your emotions, citrine is an excellent crystal to carry with you.

Australian Crystals and Clear Quartz for Healing
The most potent stone on earth for healing and energy amplification is clear quartz. This is the gem to have if you can only afford one. It is a master healer, a motivator, and it gives your life clarity. All other crystal energies will be amplified by clear quartz, which can be employed for any situation. It reportedly works well at healing burns.

Australian Crystals for Crocoite Healing

Crocoite is a "breakthrough" stone that resonates with the base, sacral, and heart chakras. This gem inspires transformation and heightens your zeal for all of your aspirations. Crocoite also improves your energy levels, relationships, creativity, and fertility.

Australian Crystals for Healing with Desert Rose Gypsum

Clusters of the desert rose, which grows in arid regions, resemble light roses. If you are having panic attacks or are feeling claustrophobic, you can use the energy of these gems to help. Desert Rose shouldn't be submerged in water, just like other Selenite varieties.

Australian Crystals for Healing with Dragon's Blood Jasper

According to Judy Hall's description of the Dragon's Stone in "The Crystal Bible 3," it "activates Dragon energy, the earth's kundalini, facilitating earth healing and bringing order out of chaos." This gem can be used to boost courage, heal wounds from previous lives, and maintain equilibrium and grounding in the present.

Australian Crystals for Dravite Tourmaline Healing

Brown tourmaline, also known as druvite tourmaline, is a grounding crystal that enables you to let go of emotional problems that no longer serve you and move on. You can gain confidence and courage from this gem.

Australian Crystals for Emerald Crystal Healing

Emeralds are associated with the heart chakra and are referred to as the stone of successful love. You can utilise these crystals to draw abundance, fidelity, and love. Additionally, emeralds can soothe irritability! Energy-wise, emeralds can treat diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and nasal problems.

Australian Crystals for Fuchsite Crystal Healing

Anyone who frequently finds themselves saving others—and we don't just mean firefighters!—will benefit greatly from using fuchsite as a gemstone. Fuchsite will enable you to step back while maintaining your compassion and kindness. You can make wise selections with the aid of this gemstone. Fuchsite is beneficial for skin diseases like eczema on a physical level.

Australian Crystals for Healing using Gypsum Crystals

Selenite, Satin Spar, and Desert Rose are all family members of the same genus as gypsum (Gypsum is the fibrous form). Gypsum is thought to improve fertility and bones and to bring good fortune. It appears that Aboriginal tribes hurl it into the air during rain-making rituals. Gypsum will dissolve if it comes into contact with water or other moisture.

Australian Crystals for Hematite Healing

Hematite is excellent for harmonising the mind and body and for grounding. For women who are unable to advocate for themselves, it is a very powerful and protecting stone. Hematite can treat blood disorders and leg cramps physically.

Australian Crystals and Kyanite Healing

Kyanite can help you tell the truth and increase your self-awareness at the same time. Stress can also be reduced by kyanite. Brazil has the best blue Kyanite, but it is also found in India, South Africa, Switzerland, and other places. Kyanite crystallises as flat "blades."

Australian Crystals for Lepidolite Healing
Anyone with obsessive thinking (such as OCD) and depression can benefit from lepidolite. It is also a fantastic stone for lowering anxiety and stress. Lepidolite might help you let go if you are a perfectionist. Additionally, lepidolite helps treat allergies!

Australian Crystals for Marshmallow Rock Healing

The scientific name for Australian Marshmallow Rock is pink clinozoisite-rich pseudomorphs after plagioclase. Visit to learn more about this unusual crystal's scientific properties. Marshmallow Rock is believed to have metaphysical properties that help the immune system and purify the body.

Australian Crystals and Mookaite Jasper Healing

You are said to contact with the Ancestor Spirits with mookaite jasper. When you need to be adaptable and peaceful, this stone is a perfect choice because it is also known to ground and protect. You'll appreciate that Mookaite Jasper can reportedly slow down the ageing process by assisting you in altering your perspective on ageing.

Australian Crystals Used in Peridot Bombs Crystal Healing

Olivine Bombs, Peridot Bombs, and Olivine on Basalt are all names for crystals that have been ejected from a volcano during an eruption. Peridot, or olivine, is located in the centre of these crystals, which are encircled by basalt on all sides. Peridot bombs are thought to increase confidence and aid in goal achievement. Physically, Peridot Bombs might aid with sinus, migraine, and motion sickness issues.

Australian Crystals for Petrified Wood, Peanut Wood, and Opalized Wood Crystal Healing
As crystallised wood from a once-living tree, petrified wood is ideal for anchoring. This gem aids in letting go of emotional ruts that no longer benefit you and lessens anxiety. Petrified wood is the crystal for you if you have OCD. In reality, Peanut Wood is a type of petrified wood that most likely originated from a fir tree. Another variety of petrified wood, referred to as opalised wood, has created using opal rather than the minerals typically found in petrified wood. They are all excellent for grounding.

Australian Crystals for Prehnite Healing

Prehnite is the gem for you if you frequently worry, feel anxious, or are restless. Prehnite encourages you to focus on the 'now' and let go of the past or the future. Prehnite is a lovely nurturing stone that is all about "unconditional love." Prehnite is supposed to benefit the kidneys, gallbladder, and urinary tract physically.

Australian Crystals for Printstone Crystal Healing

A grounding crystal called printstone can aid with concentration and decision-making. You can work calmly when using this gemstone.

Australian Crystals for Rainforest Jasper (Rhyolite) Crystal Healing

Rhyolite, also known as rainforest jasper, is the ideal crystal to help you feel connected to nature and appreciate your surroundings. This crystal will remind you to take a moment to enjoy the little things. In terms of emotions, Rainforest Jasper is thought to promote respect for others and, most importantly, for oneself. Physically, Rainforest Jasper reportedly has the ability to balance humidity, which may help with a cold or flu.

Australian Crystals and Rhodonite Healing
Another love-related crystal is rhodonite, which promotes self-love and the capacity for forgiveness. Rhodonite crystals are beneficial for concerns with self-evaluation and contemplation. Because it fosters love, rhodonite is a great crystal to use during meditation. Rhodonite crystals are supposed to aid in detoxification and weight loss on a physical level.

Australian Crystals and Ribbonstone Healing

Australian crystal known as ribbonstone is millions of years old and has a characteristic swirly design. Given that it is a very earthy crystal and has strong ties to Mother Earth, ribbonstone is fantastic to work with for grounding and maintaining equilibrium.

Australian Crystals for Selenite Healing

Selenite is excellent for clearing your aura and assisting in the removal of any unwanted energy that has become entangled with you. It can be used to create defensive grids around the house or to cleanse other crystals. Selenite dissolves when wet, therefore keep it away from moisture and water.

Australian Crystals and Smokey Quartz for Healing

The Druids used Smokey Quartz as a magic stone in ancient times. Due to its powerful connection to the soil, it is now regarded as a "go to" grounding and anchoring stone. Smokey Quartz is thought to be able to aid in overcoming stress and sadness. Additionally, it can lessen nightmares. Smokey quartz can also help you let go of the past. Smokey Quartz is a steady stone, but it retains a lot of force.

Australian Crystals for Snakeskin Jasper Healing

According to legend, snakeskin jasper can assist you in letting go of ingrained behaviours and routines and inspire you to embrace any forthcoming changes. It is also a bravery-enhancing protection crystal.

Judy Hall calls Jasper a "supreme nurturer" in her book The Crystal Bible 1 and says that it serves as a reminder for people to lend a hand to one another. Jasper is reputed to support you during stressful situations and is great for organisation. Additionally, it encourages self-honesty and promotes quick, clear thinking.

Australian Crystals for Stichtite in Serpentine (Atlantisite®) Healing
Stichtite in Serpentine is a highly calming crystal that can be used to help you relax if you're feeling anxious. Additionally, Stichite in Serpentine encourages you to pause before you speak, which can be very helpful if you're under pressure. Additionally, it's claimed that strychnite in serpentine can help diabetics and people with blood issues energetically.

Australian Crystals and Thundereggs Healing

According to legend, thundereggs shield their owner from evil spirits and calm their fears. They might be employed for good luck as well. Physically, it is said that Thundereggs can assist in reducing jet lag.

Australian Crystals and Tiger Eye Healing

Tiger Eye crystals were first used as a talisman to ward against curses and bad karma. It is regarded as a very anchoring and safeguarding crystal. This crystal can be used to improve moods, deal with concerns with self-worth, and lessen depression. Additionally, tiger eye is a lucky stone! Mala Mamba Tiger Eye is a unique form of Tiger Eye that is extremely rare and only seen in Australia.

Australian Crystals with Tiger Iron Crystal Healing
Only found in the Pilbara region of Western Australia, Tiger Iron crystals are formed of "folded" layers of Golden Tiger Eye, Hematite, and Red Jasper. Tiger Iron is not only very grounded and possesses the energy qualities of strength, stamina, and endurance; it also looks robust. Tiger Iron is a crystal to work with if you lack physical energy.

Australian Crystals and Turquoise for Healing
Turquoise is a crystal that can be utilised for protection and to clear the air of unfavourable energy. Turquoise has a relaxing effect and can offer energetic support for depression and anxiety. Clear communication can be aided by this crystal's use on the Throat Chakra. Australian turquoise is rare, yet it can be found there.

Australian Crystals for Unakite Crystal Healing

Unakite is regarded as a stone of vision and is related to the heart chakra. Unakite is considered to be useful for energetic healing and recuperation following a serious sickness or accident. It can also aid in breaking harmful behaviours.

Australian Crystals for Variscite Healing
Variscite is a wonderful crystal to work with if you need inspiration or hope. According to legend, variscite is especially helpful for anyone who is afflicted by a disease or infirmity because it will generally bring about love and clear thinking. Caregivers of sick or disabled individuals will also profit from variscite.
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